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One of my favorite quotes from a great man of God!

“The great bane of all our converse with Divine things
is superficiality. When we read anything
and understand it somewhat, we think that this is enough.
No: we must give time, that it may make an impression
and wield its own influence upon us.
Read every portion the first time with consideration,
to understand the good that is in it,
and then see if you receive benefit
from the thoughts that are there expressed.
Read it the second time to see if it is
really in accordance with God’s word…
ponder them in order to come under the full force
of what God has said on the point…
Read it then the third time
to find out the corresponding places,
not in the Bible, but in your own life,
in order to know if your life has been
in harmony with the New Life,
and to direct your life for the future
entirely according to God’s word…
Only give Him time to hold converse with you
and to work in you,
and your heart shall overflow with the blessedness
of God.”


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