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I have been reading and re-reading a little book called “Staying Faith” by Lynne Hammond. I would heartily recommend this book to every child of God whose heart is desiring to do His Will.

For those looking for a three step guide to having God answer all their selfish desires please do not bother, this book is not for you! This book is for those who desire to commit their lives unto the changing power of Gods Word, and allow the truths found in this book to bring them from victory unto victory in Christ!

So which camp do you find yourself in today? Don’t despair if you say I am pretty selfish and right now I need for God to come through in my life. You have located yourself and you are being honest. The Lord can work with a heart that admits the truth, bows it knee unto Him, and asks Him to lead, guide, and supply.

If that is where you are today then great….my prayer for you right now is that somehow you and God find a way to get this little book into your hands! If you will seek Him with all of your heart you will find Him, and He will never disappoint you!

Your brother in the Lord….Joseph


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A few years ago as I was reading the book “Christ the Healer” by F.F. Bosworth; the Lord had me copy down the SevenĀ  Redemptive names of Jehovah that Brother Bosworth lists in this excellent book on Healing. I began confessing these over my family and myself every morning as I waited for the bus to come by to pick me up for work. I have gone over these names and scriptures in prayer giving thanks to God that He is all of these things in mine and my families lives.

Did things change instantly in our lives? No! But there was a continual planting year by year of the Word of God in my life, a continual rememberance of how Mighty of a God I serve, and a constant reminder of what He desires to come to pass in our lives.

I would like to challenge you today to do two things. One, find and read this excellent book by Brother Bosworth. Two, begin confessing and praying the names and scriptures over you and your family today.

May God richly bless you and your family as He through His Mighty Holy Spirit begins to reveal His Salvation Plan for you and your family through these Names and Scriptures which witness of our Salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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If you are looking for a good Christian book to download or read from the Internet, let me suggest checking out the following book by Andrew Murray: The True Vine.

A copy of this book may be read or downloaded from the following site: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/murray/true_vine.html

May God Bless you in your reading and study of His Word!

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